COVID-19 PowerPoint Show and Handouts

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Product Description

The COVID-19 PowerPoint show is made by customer request. We have had numerous calls to make a basic show that covers the facts in a positive and research-based manner along with tips to keep the immune system strong and how to practice social distancing. 

This show brings you 30 slides with speaker's notes and 2 PDF handouts.

It will take 30-60 minutes to present based on the time you take for discussions and an audience to-do list at the end.

The COVID-19 PowerPoint show includes these important learning goals so people understand the real evidence and the current facts. 

  1. It defines both the virus and the disease,
  2. Many slides employ hyperlinks to show you the most up to the minute world stats and you can update the slide or show them real-time
  3. The virus timeline from WHO is linked as well as summarized
  4. The mask guide from the CDC is linked
  5. The most recent symptoms from CDC are shown and linked
  6. "Hope" on the horizon with research and treatments so far,
  7. A checklist and tips from and dietary guidelines recommendations for the immune system,
  8. How and why to practice social distancing.
  9. What to do if you get sick
  10. 4 steps from the CDC to stay well
  11. Interactive discussion ideas for what to do now 
  12. A comprehensive quiz at the end of the show
  13. Eye-catching graphics and photos
  14. Very positive slant based on science and peer-reviewed materials
  15. Links to CDC and WHO plus case counting sites and an expert's blog
  16. "About me" speaker slide for you to use
  17. Summary
  18. Glossary
  19. Quote
  20. Viral doses for infection and sources of virus-laden droplets from a Dartmouth immunology professor's blog 
  21. Study links and sources included in the speaker's notes

We also have 2 great PDF handouts to keep everyone well. 

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Stay safe and well!