Cook for a Better Weigh Color Handout Download

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Product Description

Cook for a Better Weigh Color Handout Download

Download the color handout file in PDF and print to your heart's content for one site (if you need more than one site call us at 800-462-2352 for additional site licensing).

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Our 'Cook for a Better Weigh' poster is featured on the front of this color handout.
  • Comparisons of calorie counts in restaurant vs home-cooked meals are very clear and concise. Startling numbers for popular restaurant dishes, such as grilled chicken, lasagna, and clam chowder are shown.
  • On the back of the handout individuals are given tips for cooking light at home: use less cheese, choose lean meats, use more vegetables, cook with little fat and choose skim or fat-free dairy. They will learn how to cook healthier at home without sacrificing flavor.

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 15 - 100