Cholesterol 101 Education Materials Bundle

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Product Description

Cholesterol 101 Education Materials Bundle

Learning Objectives and Benefits:

The Cholesterol 101 Education Materials Bundle provides a comprehensive review of the various types of cholesterol and cholesterol levels and what they mean:

Cholesterol Poster (18X24 inches, laminated) - answers important questions about controlling your cholesterol numbers:

  • What is total cholesterol? How and why do you want to lower it?
  • What is LDL? How do you lower it?
  • What is HDL? How do you increase it?
  • What are triglycerides? How do you lower them?

Cholesterol 101 PPT & Handout Lesson on CD - PowerPoint with speaker's notes provides a comprehensive overview of cholesterol, cholesterol numbers, and diet and lifestyle influences on cholesterol. This is updated with the National Cholesterol Education program and the new 2013 Cardiovascular Risk Management Guidelines from AHA and ACC. Cholesterol management is an integral part of the 10 year heart attack risk score.

    This Cholesterol Presentation covers these topics and many, many more:

    • What is Cholesterol?
    • Functions and Features of Cholesterol
    • What are Lipoproteins?
    • HDL and LDL Cholesterol
    • Cholesterol Statistics
    • Quiz
    • Measuring Total Cholesterol and HDL and LDL Cholesterol Levels
    • 10 Year Risk Calculator
    • Manage Your Heart Disease Risk
    • Quiz
    • How Does Cholesterol Affect Your Health?
    • Decreasing Your Cholesterol Risk
      • Lifestyle Changes, Diet, Exercise, Weight Loss
    • Cholesterol Medications
    • Quiz
    • Bonus Trivia Questions

      Cholesterol Color Handout Tearpad - brand NEW!

      • Our 75-sheet tearpads are printed on glossy, high-quality paper with colorful images on the front and black and white information on the back of each sheet.
      • Includes tips on lowering LDL
      • Great way to have your clients take your lesson home!
      • It is easy to track progress and be aware of the numbers using this pad.
      • Managing total cholesterol is important so patients can keep their 10-year heart attack risk score low.

      Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 15 - 100

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