Blood Pressure 101 Education Materials Bundle

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Product Description

Blood Pressure 101 Education Materials Bundle

Learning Objectives and Benefits:

Our Blood Pressure 101 Education Materials Bundle provides a comprehensive review of hypertension:

Blood Pressure Poster (18X24 inches, laminated):

  • The National Blood Pressure Education program blood pressure categories of Normal, Prehypertension and Hypertension are provided and clearly explained.
  • Individuals can understand their blood pressure numbers, and learn how to keep their blood pressure under control.
  • Blood pressure management is an integral part of keeping your 10 year heart attack risk score low.

Blood Pressure 101 PPT & Handout Lesson on CD - you will find the most recent information from the National Institute of Health, Dietary Guidelines and CDC with tips from Hollis Bass, MEd, RD and FHC cooking/recipe tips:

  • What is Blood Pressure?
  • Blood Pressure Vocabulary
  • What Causes Hypertension?
  • Effects On Your Body
  • Testing Your Blood Pressure
  • Treatment and Prevention
  • Healthy Diet, Lower Sodium, Physical Activity

Blood Pressure Color Handout Tearpad - brand NEW!

  • Our 75-sheet tearpads are printed on glossy, high-quality paper with colorful images on the front and black and white information on the back of each sheet.
  • Lower Salt/Sodium
  • DASH Eating Plan
  • Healthy Weight
  • Get Enough Exercise
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • QR codes and URLs for Blood Pressure Education, DASH and low-sodium recipes

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 15 - 100