A High Five To High Fiber Poster - 18" x 24" Nutrition Poster Laminated

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Product Description

A High Five for High Fiber Poster - 18" x 24" Laminated Nutrition Poster

Effective nutrition messages have to be positive and fun. Here is a winner that shows whole, high-fiber foods in a "give high five" poster. It has an updated matrix concept that is so fun and modern plus tons of healthy foods grouped into plant types. After all, we all know that fiber comes from plant foods.

Learning objectives & benefits for the Fiber Poster:

  • The High Five To High Fiber Nutrition Poster provides a great visual about eating healthy.
  • It is a high-five hand filled with colorful, high-fiber foods.
  • The illustration uses attractive and vibrant colors to emphasize a positive message about whole grains, legumes, fruit, and vegetables.
  • It would be great for Nutrition Month because it emphasizes the flavors of good health.
  • It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.

Ground-breaking strategies to engage your audience:

  • Our talented artist ensures the best design that competes with food industry advertising.
  • Our rich colors stand out from the pack.
  • Messages are positive and easily understood.

Held-nothing-back research and message integrity:

  • Our posters only use heart-healthy, nutrient-rich foods.
  • We do not have to add processed foods because we are not supported by big industry advertising.
  • Unbiased, evidence-based information is always at the heart of our materials because we do not accept advertising.


  • Target population: English, for general audiences, ages 4 - 100
  • Size: 18X24
  • Laminated

Here are more uses for this poster:

  • Use in a wellness fair.
  • Great for supermarkets and supermarket tours.
  • Use for a large office or cafeteria or classroom display.
  • Use in classrooms or school cafeterias to motivate kids to eat more fruits and vegetables to comply with new school meal guidelines.
  • Use in gyms and spas.
  • Use for childcare providers and their workshops.
  • Brighten long-term care facilities.

This poster can be made into a large wall cling or vinyl banner. We will also consider larger sizes upon request. If you need a different size call us at 800-462-2352.