7 Fruit and Vegetable Shaped Balloons

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Product Description

7 Fruit and Vegetable Shaped Balloon Set

Here is a set of 7 modern, colorful mylar self-sealing double-sided foil balloons that are shaped like fruits and vegetables.

They have a modern illustrative style and beautiful, bright colors.

Sizes vary between 18" to 39" and we may have to vary the balloons for what our supplier carries but this is what we have in stock right now (if we vary them you will always get 7 beautiful and big fruit and veggie balloons hand chosen by us):

  1. 26" Broccoli Balloon
  2. 22" Tomato Balloon
  3. 30" Banana Balloon
  4. 39" Carrot Balloon
  5. 35" Watermelon Balloon
  6. 26" Apple Balloon
  7. 18" Orange Balloon

Use These Fruit and Vegetable Balloons for Health Fairs and Produce Displays

  • These fruit and vegetable balloons are perfect for health fairs, wellness fairs, bulletin boards, school foodservice displays, cafeterias, and anywhere you want to celebrate health with a fun balloon set. 
  • We have included popular fruits and vegetables that are often found in cafeterias, gardens, farmer's markets, and grocery stores. You get 4 fruits and 4 vegetables. The colors are balanced and bright so you have a colorful display that catches everyone's eye and adds a fun, healthy appeal to any display or event.
  • You can use the balloons over again. You must supply the string and weight. Why not use a bag of beans with your favorite ribbon and give the beans away at the end! 
  • Balloons are made of foil mylar and you are only buying the balloons. They have self-sealing valves. You need to add helium. Use a long thin metal tipped nozzle to fill them. A rubber-tipped inflator will damage the balloon. Add a string and weight for display. A colored ribbon works well, too.

Tip: Most grocery stores that have floral sections with balloons will fill your balloons with helium for about a dollar. You can also visit a party supply store, too. When you are done with your fair, gently let the air out of the balloons and store them flat in bags for your next event or adventure.