12 Lessons 110-Page Participant Workbook

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12 Lessons Participant Workbook

This Participant 110-page workbook book goes hand in hand with the 12 Lessons of Wellness and Weight Management. Use participant books with the 12 Lessons program and let your audience get the most out of each lesson with handouts, charts, food logs, quizzes and more!

This 12 lesson plan for weight loss breaks a difficult goal into 12 easy lessons that are relevant for today's consumer and up to date with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate.

Call us for bulk pricing - if you are buying 20 or more books the price drops to $9 each. We also have a 16 page workbook that is sold in sets of 10 for $29.

12 Lessons of Weight Management Bundle - Volume 1:

  1. Do I need to lose weight?
  2. How to lose weight over the long term and keep it off.
  3. Why I want to cook more at home. What should I make?
  4. Why I need to make better choices when eating out and how to do that.
  5. Beverages have calories, too?
  6. Why is moving better than sitting?
  7. What is calorie density, how to categorize foods by calorie density using a go, caution and stop approach.
  8. Preferred carbohydrates versus refined carbohydrates.
  9. Fat is calorie dense, where is it hiding?
  10. I can snack better - what is a healthy snack?
  11. Eating breakfast and making healthful breakfast choices is a good idea!
  12. Why is portion control important? What are things I must know and remember?

Number of pages: 110

Here is what other customers are saying about this product:

I have enjoyed your 12 Lessons of Weight Loss materials and have used the Portion Control DVD with my groups in our multidisplinary Bariatrics program. Randall Feezell. M.D.

Attached are our overall stats for the 10 week program. We had optional onsite weigh ins at about 14 locations (about of participants did this) but “Educational” materials (almost entirely your stuff) was provided online on our internal website for our locations spread far and wide around the Carolinas. 3102 employees lost 9530 pounds and now we are on our next set of 12 lessons. Thanks! Lauren Hatcher, MS, RD, LDN, CWPC

The presentation gives a great general overview of what healthy ideas need to be followed. We have added a show-and-tell portion to demonstrate what the lesson details. What might be nice to include in the presentation is more case studies as we went through each of those with our group and also look at more comparisons - people learn more when they can see the data in their own life. Including more numbers and comparing food products (and then we can bring in the example products) would assist in digesting the material better. Overall a great product for us with little extra input needed. Nice to have the framework done!

The handouts for your programs have been great. Thank you!

Materials have been very helpful and informative.

Thank you for such a thorough and concise product! We received an abundance of positive feedback from those we presented the material to, and we will continue to utilize the courses. Krista Bobo.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the wonderful added tidbits you are constantly sending us. The information is always useful, current, and fun. I recently purchased the wellness/weight management program from you and my boss (a nurse/educator) is still raving about how fantastic and versatile the program is. I am so anxious to start using it come Sept. So, thank you again, for the amazing job you do to keep us timely with our nutrition messages. Jane Hackett, MA, RD, CDE, LD