12 Lessons Color Handout Download Bundle

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12 Lessons Color Handout Download Bundle

Learning Objectives & Benefits:

12 Sets of Color Handouts - one for each of the 12 Lessons!

Great Value!! Regular price for the download of 12 sets of handouts is $228 - that's a savings of $55 by ordering this bundle!! Just $14.41 per handout!

You receive downloadable color handouts for the following l essons:

12 Lessons of Weight Management Bundle - Volume 1

  • Lesson 1 - Do you need to lose weight? Use the BMI or Waist Measuring system to determine your weight status.
  • Lesson 2 - Want to Lose Weight? Burn More Calories than You Consume! Here are the nuts and bolts of weight loss.

  • Lesson 3 - Feel Full on Fewer Calories: Think "Choose Right" not "Diet" - choosing better foods makes it easy!

  • Lesson 4 - Exercise to Lose and Control Weight - everyone can benefit from being more active and less sedentary

  • Lesson 5 - Portion Control: Don't Go Overboard - whoa! huge portions are everywhere!

  • Lesson 6 - There's Lots of Good Reasons to Eat Breakfast - start your day right and eat healthy all day

  • Lesson 7 - Cooking is the Better Weigh - here is some incentive to prepare more food at home

  • Lesson 8 - Dining Out: Do It the Smart Weigh - and if they still want to eat out you can show them the best bets and the pitfalls

  • Lesson 9 - Don't Drink Your Calories - a little reminder that cups out there are huge and full of fat and sugar

  • Lesson 10 - Carbohydrate 101: Not All Carbs Are Created Equal - let's get it straight - whole grains, veggies, fruits and legumes are good!

  • Lesson 11 - Snacking Smart: Think Out of the Bag - we have to talk about snacking - it can make all the difference if done right

  • Lesson 12 - Lower Fat for Better Weight Control - fat can sneak into a diet if you are not careful - here is how to keep it lean

Target Population: In English, for general audiences, ages 12 - 100

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