Bulk discounts and resource awareness program

Bulk discounts and resource awareness program

If you would like to be part of our bulk discount and resource awareness program please email us for a quote. Please read about the requirements and benefits. 

If you do not have a large order you are still saving money because we print and store large quantities of materials so you can order from a great selection and get items much lower than if you print yourself and always with free shipping.

Who is eligible?

Large orders over $1000 for institutions are eligible for our bulk pricing program. You must ask for a quote in advance to take advantage of this pricing.

We are proud to offer our customers this program. 

We have fine tuned our process to save our customers the maximum amount of money so that every dollar goes towards a quality health education for consumers and is not spent on excess shipping and administration costs. 

Here is an overview of how the program works:

For larger or custom orders we ship direct from our factories to save you money. 

We require the following information and payment terms:

  • Shipping address with receiver contact name, phone, and email
  • Actual shipping costs apply
  • Billing address with contact name, phone, and email
  • Direct deposit net 30 (checks and credit cards not acceptable for this savings program)
  • Large and custom orders are not refundable or returnable