High School and Adult Nutrition Workbook - Pack of 10

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Product Description

Students need to know about good nutrition too! Use this High School and Adult Nutrition Workbook to teach high school students and adults about MyPlate, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and more. With 8 pages of nutrition basics, your clients get a great introduction to the world of healthful lifestyles. Use these for science, math, nutrition, or any STEM topic.

This workbook is 8 pages long and is loaded with puzzles, games, word scrambles, math problems, and more! It offers an introduction to nutrition that will appeal to a variety of learning styles, using varied strategies to promote engagement among high school students.

The topics covered include…

    * Basics of Nutrition
    * Meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
    * MyPlate and You
    * Nutrition Math and Nutrition Facts Labels
    * Get Active
    * Benefits of a Healthful Lifestyle

The workbook features the latest research about nutrition and good health, citing a variety of studies and published academic papers, along with information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, MyPlate, the Institute of Medicine, and more.

Activities in the workbook include...

    * Question and Answer Sessions
    * Brainstorming
    * Word Scrambles
    * Math Problems
    * Discussion Questions
    * Creating a Balanced Lifestyle Plan


  • Ages Middle School, High School, Adult (great for low income families, too)
  • English
  • 5.5" X 8.5"
  • 8 pages
  • Saddle stitched
  • 70# uncoated paper (so you can write with pen or pencil)
  • Printed in color 

What's In It?

Page 1 - Cover

Page 2 - Basics of Nutrition Micro and Macro Nutrients

Page 3 - Dietary Guidelines - Facts and Puzzle

Page 4 - MyPlate And You: Facts and Activities

Page 5 - Nutrition Math

Page 6 - Get Active Facts and Activities

Page 7 - Benefits of a Healthful Lifestyle

Page 8 - Planner - Make A Plan