What’s the No. 1 Diet?

For the third year in a row, US News & World Report ranks the Mediterranean Diet as the best overall diet. It’s also No. 1 in best plant-based diets, best diabetes diets, best diets for healthy eating (tied with DASH Diet), and easiest diets to follow. The Mediterranean Diet came in at No. 2 for best heart-healthy diets, behind the Ornish Diet. We’ve always been big fans of the Mediterranean Diet, so we’re not surprised to see it at No. 1 again. Read on for our tips on teaching groups and individuals about the top diet of the year:
  • If you don’t have a lot of time, use some Mediterranean Diet teasers to get people’s attention. We know they’ll want to learn more!
  • For a more comprehensive look at the No. 1 diet, check out our Mediterranean Diet Class with PowerPoint, Handouts, and Leader Guide. There are so many angles you can take using these materials:
    • To cover the Mediterranean Diet from A to Z, use all 100+ PowerPoint slides and 22 handouts to teach:
      • What is the Mediterranean Diet?
      • What are the health benefits?
      • Which foods are used?
      • What are common dishes that everyone can make at home?
      • Which strategies are helpful to take advantage of the delicious, healthful ingredients found in this region?
    • For a low-key approach, offer a class on adding just a few Mediterranean foods to your diet. Focus on foods that people who eat the typical American diet may not be familiar with, like farro, couscous, bulgur, beans, legumes, sardines and other seafood, and olive oil.
    • If you’re up for some cooking demos, treat your audience to a series of classes featuring popular dishes from five Mediterranean countries (France, Italy, Greece, Morocco, and Spain). Participants will also get a geography lesson!
And don’t forget to let people know that the No. 1 diet isn’t really a diet at all – it’s a way of life! In Mediterranean countries, meals are a time to get together, talk to each other, and enjoy small portions of good food. We could use a little of that here in the U.S.A.