Best Nutrition Education PowerPoints

Putting together a presentation is hard work, isn't it? You have to research your topic, organize the ideas, communicate your points in a clear and compelling way, and even set up graphics, pictures, charts, and/or tables. Not to mention creating any coordinating activities or brainstorming questions for a follow-up discussion. There's a lot to do! Does making a presentation have to be so hard? No. Let us do the work for you! The Food and Health Communications team is full of experts in research, art, writing, and communication. Each contributor is a wizard at outlining the latest nutrition and health data to make engaging and informative presentations. We work together to save you time, building presentations that will be sure to reach your audience and communicate the messages that you value most. The PowerPoints in the Nutrition Education Store are some of our best-selling nutrition education materials. And there's no question as to why -- the presentations are exactly what our subscribers need. Take this rave review from Shirley M. Winslett, RD, LD, at Owatonna Hospital as an example. "The presentation went great. I can't tell you how much time this power point saved me. Thank you again for having a wonderful power point. Have a wonderful day!" Right now, 5 great PowerPoints are outselling all the rest. If you're looking for a great nutrition or wellness presentation, one of these might be a perfect place to start! Top Nutrition PowerPoint #5 Gluten-Free Guide to Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Gluten Free PowerPointIn this new Gluten-Free PowerPoint presentation and handout set, patients who have gluten sensitivities -- including wheat allergies, celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity -- will learn the ins and outs of living with their disease. A diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can be overwhelming, and though there are more gluten-free products on the market these days, navigating the grocery store and making healthful choices can still be difficult. This presentation is organized into the following sections...
  • What is Gluten Sensitivity?
  • Types of Gluten Sensitivities
  • Gluten and Health Statistics
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis
  • What Foods Contain Gluten?
  • Gluten-Free Cooking and Dining Tips
  • Gluten-Free Meal Ideas
  • Resources for More Information
  • Quiz
What are you waiting for? Check out the Gluten-Free PowerPoint today! Top Nutrition PowerPoint #4: MyPlate This presentation is actually 3 shows in one! The package features 3 PowerPoint presentations that can be used either individually or in conjunction with one another. Plus, the presentation set comes with handouts that you can copy and distribute too. The 1st PowerPoint in the bundle is the Comprehensive MyPlate show. With over 70 slides (illustrated and with speaker's notes), this presentation looks at the history of USDA food graphics, the basics of MyPlate, and how to cook and eat according to MyPlate's advice. This show takes an in-depth look at each of the 5 MyPlate food groups and offers a wide variety of approaches to filling any plate healthfully. The 2nd PowerPoint in the bundle is the Express MyPlate show, which is a shortened version of the comprehensive edition. This presentation weighs in at 30 slides and features the absolute key points of MyPlate and health. The 3rd PowerPoint in the bundle has only 15 slides. This Kindergarten Plate presentation is a short but fun PowerPoint show for kids. It's designed with kids in mind, featuring strategies that will help keep them engaged. Are you ready to rock MyPlate? Then download your copy now! Top Nutrition PowerPoint #3: Sports Nutrition Basics Use the shows and handouts in this presentation package to educate coaches, parents, and/or kids about how to eat and drink smart for maximum athletic performance. The program is divided into 3 parts: 2 presentations and 1 15-page handout set.
  • Coaches Show: This advanced show was designed for coaches and college/adult athletes. It features over 40 PowerPoint slides and 20 color overheads.
  • Kid Show: This is a simple, fun show for kids. It has 30+ PowerPoint slides and 20 color overheads.
  • Handouts: These handouts will help athletes remember the important messages, like what to eat for solid training, what to do before an event, and the importance of a high-quality diet.
So, are you or your clients looking for ways to improve athletic performance? Then this is the show for you! Buy the Sports Nutrition PowerPoint program today! Top Nutrition PowerPoint #2: Heart-Healthy Cooking We're especially proud of this one. With gorgeous photos, simple recipes, and clever strategies, this show offers a wide variety of ways to cook and eat healthfully. Yes, this program is chock-full of great advice, from ways to make small substitutions and use smart preparation methods to a guide to exactly which foods promote heart health. One of the most popular aspects of this show are the meal makeovers. For a makeover, we apply the key lessons from the show to typical foods that people cook or order. The results are engaging, creative, and surprising. These makeovers feature before and after photos, along with an outline of the nutrition outcomes of these strategies. Participants can find ways to save 25-50% on calories, fat, and sodium when they employ these strategies. The heart-healthy cooking presentation also features a sample menu and shopping list. All this is above and beyond the key cooking facts and strategies featured in this show. The Heart-Healthy Cooking PowerPoint focuses on three different ways to reduce the "bad" fats that can do so much damage to your heart and arteries. It also explains how to reduce sugar and sodium in ways that don't compromise the flavor or texture of a dish. These modifications are so easy and tasty that no one will ever know that a modified recipe is actually healthful! Pick up your copy of the Heart-Healthy Cooking PowerPoint presentation today! Top Nutrition PowerPoint #1: Nutrition Bootcamp Nutrition Bootcamp PowerPointSo which PowerPoint is the fairest of them all? The Nutrition Bootcamp! The most popular presentation in the store, the Nutrition Bootcamp PowerPoint takes a comprehensive look at the nuts and bolts of nutrition. This bootcamp has it all, with 125 slides that are chock-full of the latest scientific information and research. There are detailed speaker's notes and additional handouts that accompany the presentation, which makes the whole thing much less daunting. This presentation has 11 sections, including...
  • Nutrition Introduction: What Nourishes You?
  • Carbohydrates: Which Are Healthful?
  • Fats: When and Why?
  • Protein: Variety is the Spice of Life
  • Vitamins and Minerals: The Basics
  • Converting Food to Energy: How Does It Work?
  • Assessing the State of America's Plate
  • MyPlate and the USDA Dietary Guidelines
  • Food Labels and Health Claims
  • Beverages: Which Aren't Healthful?
  • Newtrients and Trends
These sections are full of great photos, illustrations, charts, graphs, and infographics. There are fun quizzes and interesting facts. Plus, the show features plenty of great tips and tricks for a healthful lifestyle. What more could any nutrition educator want? Get the Nutrition Bootcamp PowerPoint today!