Are you ready for flu & Covid season?

The weather is getting cooler, people will be staying inside more – the flu/Covid season has arrived! The holidays are right around the corner as well, which means more crowds of people shopping, partying, and traveling.

Get your clients, employees, or students ready to stay healthy during this season with some reminders about preventing the spread of illnesses. We have two posters that are perfect for this:

Handwashing Poster:

  • Of course, handwashing is important all year long, but this time of the year may be an especially good time for a hand hygiene refresher. In addition to flu and covid, washing your hands can keep you from catching a cold, stomach bug, or other illness.
  • Add some fun with Wash Your Lyrics – a site where you enter your favorite song (could be a holiday tune!) and get a poster you can print out showing handwashing steps along with 20 seconds of lyrics.
  • And how about reminding people about when to wash their hands? Sure, lots of folks know to wash after using the restroom or before eating, but what about after touching or feeding a pet, taking out the trash, or playing outside?
  • You could also pair handwashing with food safety! As folks get in the kitchen to cook all those holiday goodies and meals, be sure they know how to keep themselves and those they are cooking for safe.

Stay Home When Sick Poster:

  • Nobody wants to be the person who brings the flu to the office, so staying home is really important.
  • Remind everyone that wearing a mask when you’re sick is also a good idea!

Cheers to staying healthy!

Hollis Bass, MEd, RD, LD