Workday Workout Poster Exercise At Work Poster - 18" x 24" - Laminated

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Product Description

The Workday Workout Poster is an exercise poster that helps folks optimize their day. Most people don't have time to get enough exercise. They work all day, commute through traffic, juggle family responsibilities, and just don't move enough even though they do a lot! 

Studies have shown that sitting more and moving less can be detrimental to health even if someone is exercising enough.

So we designed this poster to encourage folks to get enough exercise and to move more by taking a smarter approach. 

The 5 Ways to Turn Your Workday into a Workout poster shares these ideas:

1. Turn your commute into a workout - this is possible for some folks in urban areas when the weather is good and the neighborhood is safe

2. Hit the gym at lunchtime - it is good to take a break and move more!

3. Walk while you talk - this encourages folks to get out of their chairs and walk while they are talking on the phone.

4. Work standing up - many offices offer options to stand while working or desks can be modified to do so.

5. Meet don't email or text - this great tip helps folks move more and have more face time. 

No matter which tip folks choose they will be more aware of opportunities to move more and workout during their workday.



18" x 24" Laminated

Ages 16 to 100