Winter Season Bulletin Board Banner 24" x 24" Square Banner for Bulletin Boards, Walls, and More

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Product Description

Winter 24" Square Vinyl Banner
Winter is a great time to reassess eating patterns and make shifts to more nutritious eating. Get the ball rolling with this 24-inch square bulletin board banner, which features some of the tastiest seasonal produce and a delicious meal that makes the most of winter foods. This vinyl banner will fit perfectly on any bulletin board, and there's lots of free space for you to add your own resources as well. The four corner grommets ensure that the banner will stay up with ease, and the colorful photos ensure that your participants will look up and take note. Get started on a healthy eating pattern today!
This banner comes with 2 downloadable PDF files for a handout and activity ideas as shown above. 
The illustration for the bulletin board is given so you can visualize how to customize it for you!
Note: we have four seasons for banners: spring, summer, fall, and winter - see the set under Banners and then 24" square banners.