The American Diet Poster

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Has the "age of Nutritionism" (a term coined by Michael Pollen) really improved our eating?

Nutritionism sure has caused a flurry of activity from social media to diet books to marketing claims and shopping habits. I have enjoyed recording many of the greatest issues of our times after 20 years of publishing on this platform.

I took a design thinking approach and made a pinup board with all of the topics regarding food and nutrition for today's consumers. Most health educators deal with all of these items on a regular basis but to see it in a diagram makes one realize how much food, nutrition, consumer attitudes, spending habits, and health statistics add up into a really big and complex picture.

My first step was to organize news and topics into categories ranging from farmers to food manufacturers to consumer habits to social media. Then I made a reflective map of all of the topics and subtopics which really make up our American Diet. We consume a lot more than food when we are thinking about food and nutrition.

This poster should generate many great discussions in classrooms and health fairs. It could be a perfect segue to March as a Nutrition Month Poster for discussions, tips, and lessons.


Size: 18" x 24" Laminated

Language: English

Ages: 12 to 100