Steps of Health - Floor Decals - Healthy Reminders

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Product Description

Steps of Health - Floor Decals - Healthy Reminders

These floor stickers are very fun and clever and they make a great interactive activity. Watch your attendees place their feet in the footprints, memorizing all of the steps for better health as they travel down the hall to the cafeteria or do the company gym. They are excellent for health fair activities and can be used to travel all around your booth!

There are 8 footprints in all, about 10 inches high and 4.5 inches wide each.  

They are made of vinyl and are removable. They can be removed and reapplied to make adjustments in placement. The manufacturer does not recommend reusing them but states this would depend upon the surface of the floor. If your floor is smooth and clean you may be able to reapply after removal.

The footprints come with a handout and activity guide as downloadable PDFs, sent to your inbox with every paid order!