Salad Temporary Tattoos 2" - Pack of 100

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Product Description

Salad Temporary Tattoos 2" - Pack of 100

Did you ever want to hand out a different gift that will be economical yet functional ? Do you want to attract traffic to a wellness booth? Or reward class attendees? Or have fun games? Or teach MyPlate lessons in the cafeteria?

These Salad Promotion Temporary Tattoos are perfect for every need and they are brightly-colored so they will be remembered and cherished.

  • The temporary tattoos are 2" X 1.8" squares.
  • They are printed in the United States and are of high quality.
    • The dyes are FDA-certified colorants and that they comply with CSPC/CPSIA and ASTM requirements.
    • They are easy to apply and just need a little water or a wet sponge!
    • The paper is placed ink-side down.
    • Applying moisture to the paper on the back side of the temporary tattoo transfers the image to the skin.
    • They are easily removed by baby oil or rubbing alcohol.
  • The FDA requires that decal-type tattoos use only pigments that have been approved for use in cosmetics; this means they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • The come loose in a bag for easy distibution.
These temporary tattoos are colorful and they match many of our other MyPlate materials. Now you can have a great looking event where everything features our high-quality artistic graphics.

They are designed by Food and Health Communications, Inc. and are one of a kind!


Quantity: 100

Size: 2" X 2"

Perfect for kids, teens, adults, and seniors.