Reward Chart Poster

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Reward Chart Poster

This interactive poster is a fun and easy way to keep track of your eating habits and activity achievements each day.  It suggests MyPlate food groups and activities. Mark your progress and reward yourself when you achieve your goals!  Cute illustrations and great food and exercise ideas will make adults and children want to reach their goal to be healthy everyday!

This fun poster is an erasable food and activity tracker that is perfect for many audiences! Use it in school classrooms, school cafeterias, family homes, WIC classes, or as a giveaway incentive. It is also great to use at wellness fairs because it can be a fun chart and game to reward the day's great habits. Use it for team building in a corporate cafeteria or wellness program! This reward chart tracks good habits so people can get rewarded for the ones they are doing right and reminded for those they need to add. It also makes a great classroom poster or school cafeteria poster. 

Learning objectives for the Healthy Habits Reward Chart Poster: 

Track, educate and remind everyone about these healthy habits: 

  1. Fruits and Veggies: Help them eat enough fruits and vegetables every day.
  2. Physical Activity: Getting enough activity every day is easier when you have a goal!
  3. Varied Protein: By including heart healthful protein options you can improve your heart health each day.
  4. Whole Grains: Half of your grains should be whole. Are you tracking them?
  5. Beverages: Choose water instead of sugary drinks? Who is going to try harder to win this category?
  6. Teaming Up: There is nothing like using team work to prepare a meal or be active together! Everyone wins!
  7. Low Fat Dairy: How is everyone doing with choosing skim milk and getting enough dairy servings each day?

 Ground-breaking strategies to engage your audience:

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  • Messages are positive and easily understood.

    Held-nothing-back research and message integrity:

    • When you buy Nutrition-Education-Store-designed posters, you don't have to worry about sneaky additions of processed foods because we are not supported by big industry advertising. 
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    • All materials adhere to USDA My Plate Recommendations and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


    • Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 2 - 16
    • Size: 12x18" laminated
    • Handout: PDF download, 2 pages
    • Poster Topics: MyPlate, Nutrition, Dietary Guidelines, Fruits and Vegetables,  Activity, Teamwork