Real Food Grows Bookmarks pack of 50 2"X7"

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Product Description

Real Food Grows Bookmarks pack of 50 2"X7"

Real Food Grows Bookmarks are colorful and help everyone choose whole foods that are nutritious and high in fiber.

 These 2" X 7" nutrition bookmarks feature garden colors and they come in packs of 50. The beautiful illustration will make every reader smile!


  • The front side shows a plant with vegetables, fruits, and beans to illustrate and promote real, wholesome foods.
  • The back side features a quiz to find real food.
  • You can make a contest to see who gets the most right answers on the quiz. Then give another prize!
  • Bookmarks are useful because everyone loves to use them to mark the pages in their books. 

More uses and ideas for the Real Food Grows Bookmarks:

  • These nutrition bookmarks double-sided markers can also be used to decorate refrigerators, filing cabinets, bulletin boards and more.
  • The bookmarks are a light-hearted gift or prize for children and adults.
  • They are a fruit and vegetable promotion tool for everyone.
  • Use the Real Food Grows bookmarks as prizes and giveaways for contests and raffles.
  • Give them away for wellness fairs and health fairs.
  • Or hand them out to clients as a positive message to make new friends with healthy foods.

Designed by Food and Health Communications, Inc. and one of a kind! 

SPECS: package of 50 (bulk discounts are available just give us a call)

SIZE: 2"X7"

CUSTOM BOOKMARKS are available: Let us design one for you!