Portion Control Banner and Stand 24" X 62"

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Product Description

24"x 62" Portion Control Banner Stand 24" X 62" - Wellness Fair Banner

Learning Objectives and Benefits:

  • The Portion Control 24X62" banner with x stand is a great resource for teaching ways to control your own servings.
    • Fast Food Value Meals can be a real value when they are shared and then your portion sizes become more realistic.
    • Drinks should be measured.
    • Breakfast bakery items can be part of a healthy plate.
    • Snack foods can be measured - a fun photo shows what happens when a big bag is poured out on the plate.
  • Large 24X62" food art banner on a stand is attractive and engaging with shocking photos and how-to phots about portion control.
  • Brighten up your classroom, hallway, cafeteria, etc. with this beautiful display about portion control. Use it at your next wellness fair!

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 8 - 100

  • Material: Vinyl with X Stand
  • Dimensions: 24 x 62 inches
  • Grommets with stand
  • Handout: 1 page PDF