12 Nutrition Newsletters on CD

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Product Description

Here are 12 nutrition newsletters on CD. They are in Word format (.docx) and there is one for each month of the year with relative seasonal related topics that are evergreen for nutrition education.These white label newsletters are a composite of the best topics we have covered in our library and they contain a professional format with clipart, coordinated colors, sidebars, articles, tips and recipes. They are the perfect way to help clients and connect for marketing efforts. Keep them coming back for more!

Use the 12 white label newsletters three ways:

  1. Copied and pasted into your own email newsletters
  2. Blogs and articles for websites
  3. Customizable and printable newsletters and handouts for clients and students

Here is an overview of the topics:

  1. January - Fat 101, meat buying tips, Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe
  2. February - How Do Minerals Work? Cooking Vegetables By Color, Chocolate Beet Cake
  3. March - Energy, Biting Into A Healthful Lifestyle, Pear Yogurt Dessert or Snack Plate
  4. April - 3 Ways to Reduce Cancer Risk, The Skinny on Grains, Radish Salad
  5. May - Women and Iron, Skinny On Sugar, Lemon Spritzed Salad
  6. June - Dietary Consistency, Fruit and Diabetes, California Pasta Salad
  7. July - Why Meals Are Like Sonnets, Talk About Tuna, Banana Rice Pudding
  8. August - Do Processed Foods Belong On Your Table, Diabetes and Alcohol, Spaghetti and Meatballs
  9. September - Diabetes and Weight Loss, Shopping Beyond the Perimeter, Seafood Chowder
  10. October - The Scientific Facts About Sleep, Diabetes and Your Heart, Fresh Tomato Sauce
  11. November - Basic Tips for Sous Vide Cooking, Will My Child Get Diabetes, Chicken Cassoulet
  12. December - Healthful Holiday Tips, Fortifying Junk Food, Chocolate Ginger Cookies

All of these newsletters come shipped to you on a CD with free shipping plus you get an immediate digital download after checkout. You can start working right away.

Plus you will receive a special free digital gift with a free password to our digital library for 12 months so you can get more articles and recipes as needed, too.