Nutrition Bingo Color Handout Tearpad

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Product Description

Nutrition Bingo Color Handout Tearpad

Use the Nutrition Bingo Color Handout Tearpad as a fun handout and game that can be played all day by an individual to keep checking off bingo boxes as they go through their day - each tearpad is 75 sheets - full color on the front and black and white on the back.

Front side: Nutrition bingo with best habits:

  • Plants - many ways to eat a more plant-based diet.
  • choose - by making better choices you win - includes MyPlate, too!
  • Cook more - get points for every meal made at home.
  • Move more - all sorts of ways to get moving more consistently.
  • AND they can play individually as they go through their day - it is easy to get bingo.

Back side: Wellness Self Assessment test -self correcting:

  • Find out their goals
  • Answers show what needs help - everything in the white box is great but the gray box in the center and below show what to do.
  • Do they eat breakfast?
  • How is snack food consumption?
  • What about exercise?
  • Find out top three goals and realistic weight.
  • Makes consultations and wellness fairs a snap. There is even a spot for your contact information.