New Food Label Vinyl Banner and Banner Stand 26" X 62"

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Product Description

New Food Label Banner on Banner Stand 24" X 62"

This banner includes the new food label which is required to be on all packages by July of 2018. It explains the daily value for added sugars.

Chronic diseases of affluence, which include heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain cancers are the top causes of death in the US. Furthermore they negatively impact the quality of life for millions of people and they are the cause of over 75% of the expenses for medicare. They can be prevented and even treated with a better diet and lifestyle.

The first step in helping individuals learn to eat better is to learn to shop better. The nutrition facts panel is on the back of many foods but most shoppers do not know how to read it quickly or what any of the terms on the label mean. This banner makes label reading as easy as one two three to teach everyone how to read a label.

  • Now they will understand just how to read a nutrition facts label.
  • Count calories.
  • Keep it healthy for the heart.
  • What's in it for me? Check fiber and nutrients!
  • Take a look at added sugars and their daily value and figure out how this food fits your daily sugar allotment of 10% of calories.
  • AND they can make better buying decisions.

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 10 - 100


  • Material: Vinyl with X Stand
  • Dimensions: 24 x 62 inches