MyPlate Cooking Demo Ideas Printed Book and Leader Guide

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Product Description

MyPlate Cooking Demo Ideas Printed Book and Leader Guide When you need to look your very best now...our cooking demonstration guides have been popular sellers for the past 15 years!

Learning Objectives and Benefits:

The MyPlate Cooking Demo Ideas program is ready to bring you very speedy delicious meals for today's time pressed cook or cooking impaired consumer:

  • This presentation program consists of recipes, handouts, leader guides and lesson plans for the demonstrator
  • PLUS a bonus PowerPoint show that teaches you how to shop with MyPlate food groups.

You are guaranteed to have meal choices and topics that will please any audience!

  • Use MyPlate food groups - fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein and fat-free/low-fat dairy products to make the perfect healthy meal in a snap.
  • PLUS use modern cooking classes to teach today's busy cook how to prepare meals. Skillets, microwaves, rice cookers, toaster ovens make the job easy. You will look like a magician as you roll out multiple dishes that take a few minutes. This is cooking instruction and proper nutrition all rolled into one.
  • Over 100 pages of leader guides and copy-ready handouts for 50 lessons
  • PLUS 1 PowerPoint show with over 30 slides and speaker's notes

You receive good value and you will be able to do more with less, quickly and in an engaging manner - we have tips all the way through to make this presentation kit work for you right now! Tips are given so the audience can help - keep them busy and having fun and make less work for you!

Lesson topics include:

  • MyPlate Fast Meals - Microwave, rice cooker, salad, pasta, lentils and more - provide good basic cooking instruction and MyPlate lessons for today's busy cooks.
  • Healthy MyPlate Assembly Meals - for those who hate to cook
  • MyPlate Breakfast - Break for breakfast - 5 easy and simple healthy breakfast dishes
  • MyPlate Snacks - healthful and MyPlate based
  • MyPlate Cooking with Kids - get them eating healthier by helping you in the kitchen
  • Harvest of the month - prepare a fruit and vegetable each month! If they learn how to make more, they will surely fill half their plates with them!

Each lesson includes:

  • handouts in color PDF file
  • instructional leader guide with important teaching lessons, e.g.: make ahead tips, freeze it for later instruction, portion control guides, food label reading lessons, lower the sodium tips and success tips to get the demo done easily and expertly
  • shopping and equipment lists
  • All meals and lessons help individuals get to 3 whole grains, 4.5 cups fruits/veggies and 3 dairy products plus healthy proteins and fiber each day. MyPlate food group and serving information is provided with each project.

BONUS: PowerPoint Show:

"Shopping with MyPlate" with over 30 slides and speaker's notes (some slide samples shown above)


  • Printed Book PLUS Leader Guide CD Set
    • 100 page book
    • CD with:
      • PDF file for handouts - 100 pages with leader guides and handouts
        • Handouts in PDF format - great for searching and printing materials in color or black and white
      • PPT file:
        • Recipe Modification: 30 slide PowerPoint show with speaker's notes - Shopping with MyPlate Food Groups
  • Target Population: Ages 15 - 100
  • Length of Show: 30-60 minutes (PowerPoint show is 20 minutes, most demos can be done in 30-60 minutes.)
  • Language: English