MyPlate Bulletin Board Kit - Quiz Version

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Product Description

My Plate Activity Bulletin Board

Use the MyPlate Quiz Bulletin Board kit to make an engaging lesson that shows the difference between healthy plates and standard plates.

Engage and teach with the beautlful MyPlate Game Quiz Poster that asks:

  1. Name the food groups for each section of the plate and cup.
  2. Fill ___ your plate with fruits and veggies.
  3. Fill ___ your plate with lean protein that is about the size of a deck of cards.
  4. Fill ___ your plate with grains, preferably whole grains.
  5. Remember to add a cup of ____.
  6. BONUS - Name one or two examples of each food group.

Plus it shows 2 examples of plates: healthy and standard. AND it uses the plate to teach an important portion control lesson. There is also a fun vegetable head that reminds them to make half the plates fruits and veggies.

Put them in awe with beautiful, healthy food shots.

This kit contains 10 pieces in all:

  • 1 18X24 laminated quiz poster - free
  • 2 piece title (36X6" total = 2 pieces that are 18X6 inches for one long title) that is printed on 100# glossy paper
  • 5 food group photos 12" X 3.5" on 100# glossy paper with high resolution photo printing
  • 2 larger photos: veggies and healthy myplate photo example 12"X9" on 100# laminated glossy with high resolution photo printing
  • Health Poster Topics: MyPlate, MiPlato, Nutrition, Healthy Diet, Balanced Diet, Dietary Guidelines, Fruits and Vegetables

We can put any of our MyPlate posters on this board - see the other options in this category.

This bulletin board will be absolutely stunning and it is very simple. A photo speaks a thousand words. Designed for 4'X3' bulletin board but you can also fit on many other sizes.