My Health Bulletin Board Kit

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Product Description

My Health Interactive Nutrition and Health Bulletin Board

Promote healthful meals! This interactive bulletin board can feature your ideas for healthful meals! Use your own cafeteria pictures, photos of meals you and your participants make, or ones you find online! Or you can use a dry erase marker to add messages or circle foods of the week. You can also display it just like it is for beautiful ideas and inspiration each day.
The colorful MyHealth Bulletin Board will guide everyone to make better choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and exercise. PLUS it promotes more fruits and vegetables each day.


  • Material: Laminated posters - 5 pieces: 3: 12X18", 2: 6X18"
  • Dimensions: 36X36" -would fit a 4x3" standard bulletin board
  • Handout: 1 page PDF that summarizes these points.

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 8 - 100