Make Your Salad A Rainbow Poster 12" x 18" - Exam Room - School Nurse - Classroom - Laminated Poster

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Product Description

Make Your Salad A Rainbow Poster 12" x 18" Laminated

You need excellent, high-impact materials to educate and motivate your audience quickly. Our Make Your Salad A Rainbow Poster is beautiful enough to inspire anyone to put more colors of veggies on their salad plate. 

Learning objectives for Make Your Salad A Rainbow Poster:

  • Eating your veggies is good for your health.
  • It is fun and delicious to focus on color when making a salad.
  • Pigments that are found in vegetables provide benefits to an individual's health. 
  • There are many beneficial components in vegetables that supply many great benefits!

Features and benefits of the Make Your Salad A Rainbow Poster:

  • The salad on this nutrition education poster beautifully displays delicious salad vegetable ideas in a styled rainbow pattern and the photo is a one-glance message all by itself.
  • Colorful tip boxes about colors and nutrient benefits are provided for those who want to learn more about all the wonderful health benefits of eating a more colorful diet from plant-based foods. The super science-based tips are from dietitan writer, Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD.
  • This poster is perfect for cafeterias with salad bars and for classrooms that want to provide an interdisciplinary approach to science (phytochemicals), food, and health. It also makes a great theme for health and wellness fairs!


  • Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 4 - 100
  • Size: 12x18 inches, laminated
  • Photo copyright by Judy Doherty, president Food and Health Communications, Inc.

Activity Ideas:

  • Make a rainbow campaign for healthier eating in school cafeterias, corporate cafes, gyms, classrooms, health fairs, and hallways. Use the poster and many rainbow colors from streamers and papers. 
  • Give everyone a sticker for making a rainbow salad.
  • Take photos of everyone who makes them and post to social media or on a bulletin board. Take photos of the best rainbow salads and post them along with the poster.
  • Have everyone sign a big banner so they can show they are part of the campaign.
  • Have the staff arrange the salad bar into a rainbow pattern!
  • Play the game, how many veggies can you find? Here is what was used on the poster:
    1. baby spinach
    2. arugula
    3. baby romaine
    4. frise
    5. kale
    6. beet greens
    7. pea sprouts
    8. snow peas
    9. avocado
    10. peas
    11. broccoli
    12. romanesco
    13. cabbage
    14. cucumber
    15. corn
    16. cherry tomatoes
    17. radishes
    18. bell peppers
    19. chili peppers
    20. carrots
    21. summer squash
    22. butternut squash
    23. red tomatoes
    24. strawberries
    25. red onions
    26. purple cauliflower
    27. radicchio
    28. passion fruit
    29. eggplant
    30. blueberries