Home Run Cooking Printed Book and Cooking Demo Leader Guide

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Home Run Cooking Printed Book and Cooking Demo Leader Guide

The ultimate resource for food and nutrition professionals who teach consumers how to cook.....



Home Run Cooking is an engaging, accessible, and fun guide to healthful cooking. It starts with the basics by:


  • walking readers through properly and efficiently setting up their kitchens
  • listing how to stock their pantries and spice cabinets
  • demonstrating proper knife skills
  • reviewing food safety and kitchen safety
  • teaching all proper methods for cooking with heat


From there, the book moves up to helping readers successfully prepare actual recipes themselves.


It divides these lessons into approachable, easy-to-understand chapters that are illustrated with fun drawings and charts, and there’s tons of guidance and quick tips thrown in along the way.


The recipes that allow the readers to apply their newfound skills are organized into 7 categories:

  1. Breakfast

  2. Soups and sauces

  3. Appetizers and snacks

  4. Salads

  5. Side dishes

  6. Entrees

  7. Desserts


Home Run Cooking Demo Guide is accompanied by the Professional Demo Guide, which includes comprehensive guides to cooking demonstrations, offering everything from preparation checklists to strategies for sidestepping possible pitfalls. It also walks readers through vital health lessons that can accompany each recipe. Plus, there are tons of presentation and preparation tips sprinkled throughout the book.

The Professional Demo Guide offers everything you need to give successful cooking demonstrations and food and nutrition lessons. It is perfect for culinary nutrition programs, family and consumer science, cooking demos, SNAPED, WIC, family education, and much more. Use it anywhere you want to teach people how to cook delicious foods in a healthy and nutritious manner.


What's In It? Home Run Cooking Demo Program Includes:

  • Home Run Cooking PRINTED Book - 225 pages paperback black and white
  • Home Run PDF Leader Guide - 225 pages PDF in color
  • Leader Guide for Cooking Demos - 32 pages (in PDF)
  • Kitchen Bootcamp PowerPoint - 50+ slides
  • Healthful Meal Photo Show PowerPoint - 50 slides
  • License to Copy Materials for educational purposes - copy the eBook for handouts!


  • Cookbook + CD with Leader Guide PDF and PPTs (This is the best value).

You will receive a printed copy of Home Run Cooking book (225 pages in paperback black and white).

PLUS A CD with:

  • Handout file in PDF
  • 2 PowerPoint shows: Home Run Kitchen, Healthy Meal Photo Show
  • PDF Leader Guide for Cooking Demos
  • License to copy our materials. Worldwide, non-exclusive use for one site.


  • Over 150 creative, delicious recipes
  • Discussion of reasons to cook at home
  • Tips and tricks for kitchen organization
  • Kitchen equipment guide for a healthy kitchen
  • Ingredient Guide: buying, storing, using food for healthful cooking
  • Kitchen safety and food safety - essentials to avoid injury and foodborne illness
  • Knife skill development and basic cuts and tips
  • Moist heat cooking guide (steaming, boiling, simmering, poaching, braising)
  • Dry heat cooking guide (baking, oven frying, roasting, sauteing, searing, broiling, and grilling)
  • Mother sauces for a healthful kitchen
  • Garnishes
  • Plate presentation
  • Kitchen success
  • Recipe guide
  • Sample menus
  • Presentation photos

ISBN: ‎978-0-9829486-0-68" X 10"

225 pages, paperback, black and white


"I loved your home cooking approach. You have great beginner tips and the entire tone of the book sounds like you're actually talking to the reader and trying to be helpful and encouraging. I liked that you intentionally covered a range of cooking techniques. I also really liked how you covered the gamut from planning through cooking and also the importance of serving beautiful food. Your tips and ideas were easy to follow."
-Linda L. Rankin, PhD, RD, LD, FADA, Professor and Associate Dean, Idaho State University, Division of Health Sciences