Fast Food Cheat Sheet Brochure - Packets of 25

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Product Description

Fast Food Cheat Sheet Brochure - Packets of 25

Our Fast Food Cheat Sheet Brochure  Brochure will help everyone make better menu choices at fast food restaurants and manage portion sizes better. Comes in packets of 25 brochures or pamphlets.

Use the Fast Food Cheat Sheet Brochure to guide your clients to better choices at popular fast food restaurants.  

  • Panel one is the title and it features a huge plate of fries
  • Panel two explains how to easily right-size your portions by putting or picturing them on a plate
  • Panel three has a cheat sheet of some lower calorie choices at popular restaurants
  • Panel four shows calorie savings by choosing smaller portions and it shows what a dissected triple cheeseburger looks like out of the box and on a plate
  • Panel five has 6 excellent tips you can use anywhere
  • Panel six has shocker facts about the sugar in super-sized drinks and the fat and calories in large, fried, value meals

Each brochure is 8.5" X 11" and full color on both sides. There are 25 brochures in each packet.