Fall In Love With Salad Poster

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Fall In Love With Salad Poster

Salad is easy to find. Consumers can find ready-made salads in grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, cafeterias, and fast food establishments. Salad is an enjoyable vegetable dish that is loved by all. Now you can help them eat more of what they already love. Plus a few reminders will help them keep salad healthy. This beautiful poster has been a best seller for corporate wellness programs, weight loss classes, and school foodservice cafeterias. It supports the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, MyPlate, and the Offer Versus Serve Program. Motivate, decorate, and educate with this salad poster.

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Includes 6 Salad Lover Tips: go easy on the fat, make it a meal, don't forget the fruit, and more!
  • Your clients will learn that eating salad each day has many health benefits.
  • Salad is an easy to prepare and delightful to eat vegetable solution.
  • A salad a day can help everyone get enough veggies each day, eat fewer calories; and consume more nutrients and a higher fiber diet.
  • This fun wellness poster is warm and positive. It also lists ways to spice up a salad by adding kiwi, radishes, peaches, almonds and more!
  • Handouts include salad fact sheets, fun puzzles, and tantalizing recipes.
  • It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.


Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 7 - 100

Size: 18"X24"


This poster comes with a free handout download PDF shown in the images above.