Exam Room Exercise Poster 12x18

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Product Description

Exam Room Exercise Poster 12x18

Learning objectives & benefits:

  • Fun and colorful illustrations on this exercise and wellness poster will make your patients want to get out of their seat and will encourage them to exercise 30-90 minutes most days to lose and control weight.
  • Easy-to-read lists show how many calories are burned in one hour of common household activities, such as cooking, washing dishes, walking the dog, washing the car and gardening. The same is shown for exercise - walking fast, racquetball, roller blading, swimming and jogging are some examples.
  • It also makes a great classroom poster plus it can be used as a school cafeteria poster.

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 12 - 100

Size: 12 X 18 inches, laminated.