Diabetes Poster Manage ABC 6.5 A1C

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Product Description

Diabetes Poster Manage ABC 6.5 A1C

Learning Objectives and Benefits:

This 18 X 24 Diabetes poster is packed with important information that diabetes patients need to know for optimal health:

  • A1C Below 7%
    • Explains that blood glucose will stay lower when you exercise and restrict calorie intake.
    • Encourage participants to set their personal A1C goal with their doctor.
  • Blood Pressure Below 140/80
    • Informs that high blood pressure can cause heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.
    • Shows your clients how to keep their blood pressure low.
    • Lower numbers are given for healthy patients and people who can achieve them without an undue treatment burden.
  • Cholesterol in Check
    • Shows LDL and HDL goals, and what the numbers mean.
    • Includes triglycerides
    • Explains how diabetics are more prone to cholesterol abnormalities and heart disease.

Target population: English speaking diabetes patients and their families and caregivers.


18X24" poster, laminated

FREE handouts (download PDF): ABC quick guide, ABC overview, bulletin board design for poster and backup materials