Nutrition and Dance Exercise DVD - Nutrition Education DVD

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Nutrition and Dance Exercise DVD - Nutrition Education DVD

The Jump with Jill Danceable Music Video DVD Series helps you incorporate movement breaks between coursework, offer an alternative physical education class, or create a performance event for your entire school. This DVD contains four spectacular videos that cover many important lessons including breakfast, fruit, exercise and growing bones:

“Get Me Goin’” – Get Your Morning Going with a Healthy Breakfast
Jill cooks up a Latin beat with the sounds of breakfast with a cereal box as a maraca and fruit bowls as agogo bells. Joining the scene of this morning routine is Spanish-speaking Mr. Desayuno. From the cafeteria, to the classroom, to on-the-go, these two take you to all the places where you can enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast in style.

“The Bone Rap” – Get Calcium for Strong Bones
Jill brings the benefits of dairy to life in true hip hop fashion. The nightclub experience has been flipped to celebrate milk by his rapper name, Calcium, and his bone building crew of cheese and yogurt – the staff dresses as cows who serve up low fat dairy products and the VIP room is reserved for those who get down with healthy bones.

“Nature’s Candy” – Enjoy Naturally Sweet Fruit
Jill channels her inner James Brown (or shall we say Janelle Monae) to showcase the electrifying power of choosing fruit over candy. She is joined by her band on piano, sax, upright bass, drums, and guitar and her featured dancers to model the moves.

“The Beat of the Body” – Exercising the Heart, Lungs, and Muscles Makes a Song!

Jill features the transformative power of physical activity by flipping a typical 5th grade classroom into a dance party.

Each song offers three videos to allow kids to master the moves: an instructional video, the music video with onscreen titles, and the music video without titles.

The world’s only rock & roll nutrition show Jump with Jill uses music and dance to celebrate healthy habits by transforming nutrition education into a live concert. Created by a Registered Dietitian and professional musician, the show uses singable anthems guaranteed to get students moving and learning about healthy habits. Jill Jayne, MS, RD, is the country’s only Rockstar Nutritionist. She is the leading expert in creating and delivering interactive media about health to kids and families.


  • 1 DVD with 4 Videos
  • FREE DIGITAL GIFT: PDF handouts that are delivered digitally after checkout
  • Grades Kindergarten through Middle School and families
  • English
  • Each video has 3 levels of dance from beginner to advanced and kids can move through the levels while having fun, learning important lessons from a registered dietitian, and getting valuable physical activity