Cut resistant kevlar gloves - size small - 1 pair

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Product Description

Cut resistant gloves size small - one pair

Challenge: How to keep your hands and the hands of your students and employees safe while cutting with a knife? Use these gloves chosen by our professional chef as being comfortable and high in quality.

They were requested by a culinary art director of a kids cooking school and we thought they were such a great idea we added them to our store.

Use these gloves for a number of culinary activities:

  • cooking demos,
  • nutrition presentations,
  • private counseling,
  • wellness fairs,
  • food demonstrations,
  • classes,
  • trade shows
  • and super market tours.

Position yourself as the food and nutrition expert and keep everyone's hands safe.

Quality and specs:

  • Made with Kevlar, synthetic composition
  • Five times stronger than steel
  • Extremely heat resistant.
  • Each cut resistant glove features a 7-gauge machine knit shell.
  • Rated as ASTM/CPPT Cut Level 3: 1118 grams (about 39 ounces).
  • Size: Small
  • Measure around widest part of palm for size. S (7-8") M (8-9") L (9-10") XL (10 -11")
  • A small will fit most women's hands and can be used for kids for kids cooking classes, too

Guide to ASTM ANSI cut resistant levels - represents amount of weight needed to make a cut.

Level 0 Level 1 >200 to 500 grams
Level 2 >500 to 1000 grams
Level 3 >1000 to 1500 grams
Level 4 >1500 to 3500 grams
Level 5 >3500 grams