Cholesterol Flip Chart - Table Top Flipchart

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Product Description

Cholesterol Flip Chart - Table Top Flipchart

This flip chart is a great way to talk about cholesterol and diet and heart health with students and clients. The infographics are very compelling about diet, cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and heart health. They will learn seven essential diet and cholesterol lessons:

  1. What is a narrowing artery?
  2. What is total cholesterol?
  3. What is HDL and what factors will impact your HDL levels?
  4. What is LDL and what lifestyle factors will impact your LDL levels?
  5. What are triglycerides and which lifestyle factors will impact their levels?
  6. Which foods should you limit and which foods should you increase to have better cholesterol "numbers"?
  7. What lifestyle factors will help you have a healthier heart?

Here is what they will see on each page of this Cholesterol table-top flip chart:

  • Page 1 - a narrowing versus a normal artery
  • Page 2 - total cholesterol
  • Page 3 - LDL cholesterol
  • Page 4 - HDL cholesterol
  • Page 5 - triglycerides
  • Page 6 - lifestyle changes for a healthier heart
  • Page 7 - foods to focus on
  • Page 8 - foods to minimize

Use this cholesterol flip chart on a table top in a variety of settings: community education, waiting rooms, class rooms, health and wellness fairs, dining rooms, and private counseling. t will become an excellent, hands-on educational tool that you can use to teach people about how to make diet and lifestyle changes that are life-altering for a better quality of life. They can also educate themselves quickly by flipping through all of the pages. Great infographics always help people learn quickly and easily.


  • Size: 11" x 17"
  • 8 pages, single sided
  • English
  • Stands on table with back easel - supplied - just insert tongue of easel in its groove - or disassemble to store away; tested and sturdy!
  • Laminated
  • Bound at the top with a spiral