Celebrate Your Inner Chef Workshop for Childcare and Daycare Providers - DOWNLOAD

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Celebrate Your Inner Chef Workshop for Childcare and Daycare Providers - DOWNLOAD


When you need to look your very best now...

Learning objectives & benefits for one great workshop:
Celebrate Your Inner Chef

  • Workshop step 1 - help them makeover their kitchen: The Introductory PowerPoint show, Celebrate Your Inner Chef, will help everyone get their kitchen organized for faster meals:

    • The significance of cooking at home in hours, dollars and calories
    • What is your chef style? There are 6 chef styles and we have tips for each one.
    • How to love your kitchen space - there are 3 main areas of a kitchen
      • How to make each kitchen area more efficient with tips for each chef style
    • How to love your time
      • which kitchen equipment should you have to save time and money
      • (and we have a special piece for each cooking style, too)
    • How to love your menu power
      • tips to make better menus, fast
    • How to love your spending power
      • a few tips to make a bulk bag of produce go a long way during the week
    • How to love your plate
      • Example of MyPlate Meal
      • MyPlate Makeovers
    • Now you are cooking! Famous quotations and online resources
    • PLUS you get Celebrate Your Inner Chef copy-ready handouts: Organize your kitchen, time-saving kitchen equipment, Cooking Style Quiz, Overview
    MyPlate Dinners
  • Workshop step 2 - help them make dinner - BEST Cooking Demos: Choose from 6 delicious MyPlate Cooking Demonstrations that solidify the menu planning lessons learned in the first show.
    • PLUS you get a PowerPoint to show off the photos of the 6 finished dishes:
      • Fajita Kabos
      • Open-faced whole grain sandwich and salad
      • Stir fry
      • Quesadilla
      • Chicken or Fish MyPlate Dinner
      • Honey Nuggets and Oven Fries (great solution to chicken nuggets)
    • Instructions for demos
    • Handouts for 6 complete dinner demos
    • Plus a leader guide to show you how easy it is to do all of them the same day
      Healthy Snacks
  • Workshop step 3 - let's make a better snack - BEST Snack Demos: Choose from 10 MyPlate Snacks that use fruit, skim milk, yogurt and whole grains.
    • PLUS you get a PowerPoint show for all 10 snacks:
      • Tortilla pizza
      • Banana Finger Sandwiches
      • Apple dippers
      • Apple Oat Squares
      • Ambrosia
      • Fruit cookies
      • Fruit kabobs
      • Fruit yogurt platter
      • Tutti Fruiti
      • Berry smoothie
    • Instructions for demos
    • Handous for 10 snacks
    • Healthy snack handout
    • Plus a leader guide to show you how to do all of the snacks in the same day

Ground-breaking strategies to engage your audience:

  • Detailed Speaker's Notes help you present your lesson with professionalism.
  • Our talented artists ensure the best design that competes with industry advertising.
  • Our rich illustrations and graphics stand out from the pack.
  • Messages are positive and easily understood.

Held-nothing-back research and message integrity:

  • We do not have to add processed foods to our materials because we are not supported by big industry advertising.
  • Unbiased, science-based information is always at the heart of our materials because we do not accept advertising.
  • Food and Health Communications, Inc. is a proud National Strategic Partner for MyPlate.

Valuable bonuses:

  • All PowerPoint Shows come with free handout downloads.
  • You get 3 Shows for the price of one, including 30 pages of handouts with leader guide.
  • Works with your schedule: divide into several sessions for cooking demos, or make it a full-day workshop.
  • Update guarantee - if we update our materials you can download the update for free or purchase the physical copy for half price.


  • Number of slides with speaker's notes for Celebrate Your Inner Chef PowerPoint: 48
  • Number of slides with speaker's notes for MyPlate dinner demo PowerPoint: 7
  • Number of slides with speaker's notes for snack demo PowerPoint: 11
  • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 30
  • Target audience: Ages 12 - 100
  • Timing:
    • Approximate length of Intro show: 30-45 minutes,
    • Allow 30 minutes for one dinner demo or take up to 2 hours for all demos
    • Allow 10 minutes for each snack or up to 2 hours for all snacks
    • Could use parts or go up to 4-5 hours for a full day workshop
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