Carrots 24" Square Banner for Bulletin Boards and Walls

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UPC: 008853710466

Product Description

Carrots 24" Square Banner for Bulletin Boards and Walls

This banner shows a photo of fresh bunches of carrots, fresh from the farmer's market. The carrots look very appealing and will motivate people to eat more vegetables. Everyone loves carrots! Show this banner to encourage individuals to eat more vegetables and salads. It is part of our square 24" banner bulletin board series and it is excellent for creative bulletin boards or in small areas. The vinyl photo banner is colorful and durable. The cost is very economical when compared to a framed print and it can be hung almost anywhere. 

Use this banner in dining rooms, bulletin board displays, classrooms, health fairs, or cooking demonstrations. 

This banner comes with 2 downloadable PDF files for a handout and activity ideas as shown above.

The illustration for the bulletin board is given so you can visualize how to customize it for you!