Calcium Bulletin Board Kit

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Product Description

Calcium Bulletin Board Kit

Use the Calcium Bulletin Board kit to make an engaging lesson that shows what is in the calcium group PLUS great ways to enjoy these foods.

Engage and teach with the beautlful Calcium Poster that illustrates various types of calcium foods and delicious ways to eat them.

    PLUS you receive 7 important illustrations of calcium foods:

    1. 1 cup milk
    2. 1 cup yogurt
    3. 3 slices processed cheese
    4. 2 slices of hard cheese
    5. fluid milks that are high in calcium and low in fat
    6. The entire list of allowed foods inlcuding frozen yogurt, fortified soy milk, skim milk, 1% milk, yogurt, processed cheese, hard cheese.
    7. The foods that are not included: margarine, cream cheese and cream.

    There is one beautiful snack with yogurt and apples

    AND a photo which shows 3 calcium servings, what is needed in one day!

    Put them in awe with beautiful, healthy food shots.

    This kit contains 7 pieces in all:

    • 1 12X18 glossy poster
    • 2 piece title (36X6" total = 2 piecs that are 18X6 inches for one long title) that is printed on 100# glossy paper
    • 1 food group photos 12" X 9" on 100# glossy paper with high resolution photo printing
    • 3 photos: 12"X9" on 100# laminated glossy with high resolution photo printing

    This bulletin board will be absolutely stunning and it is very simple. A photo speaks a thousand words.

    BONUS: Activity guide to personalize the board with everyone's favorite dishes plus 3 handouts: Milk report, Recipe for Yogurt with Apple Dippers, Guide to all calcium containing foods.

    This board is great for offices, classrooms, cafeterias and anywhere you want to promote better health by eating more veggies. See our other bulletin board kits and rotate them each month. Designed for 4'X3' bulletin board but you can also fit on many other sizes.