Are You Drinking Candy? Sugar and Beverage Awareness Vinyl Health Fair Banner 24" x 62" on stand

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Product Description

Are You Drinking Candy? Sugar and Beverage Awareness Vinyl Health Fair Banner 24" x 62" on stand

This shocking poster about beverages and sugar shows that some people might be drinking a lot of candy!

Learning objectives and benefits:

  • This colorful sugar awareness banner will educate and entertain on any wall.
  • It uses an infographic to help people visualize how much sugar is in many of the popular drinks they choose every day.
  • Beverages can be a major source of sugar and calories in the diet and many research studies show that the satiety from beverages is not equal to the calories consumed.
  • Best of all, the Are You Drinking Candy Poster comes with handouts that support the Dietary Guideline's message about beverages being the source of 50% of the sugar in the American Diet.
  • Use this poster for wellness fairs, classrooms, offices, cafeterias and more. This high quality poster is on heavy glossy paper and is laminated for protection.
  • All of these popular drinks are everywhere consumers go, including: fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores.
  • The colors used in this poster attract the human eye and encourage a call to action.
  • One teaspoon of sugar is found in one small lollipop.
  • This beverage awareness banner about sugar and beverages makes a great classroom banner plus it can be used as a school cafeteria banner.
  • There are many discussion points that can be used for this banner.
    • Water and unsweetened tea are the best choices
    • One juice drink has the equivalent of about 6 lollipops
    • A sports drink has almost 9 lollipops worth of sugar
    • Sweetened tea has more sugar than a large soda
    • 1 teaspoon equals 4 grams of sugar. 
    • Large sweetened coffee and energy drinks are almost identical in sugar content


Size: 24"  62" vinyl banner on x stand

Language: English

Target population: In English, for general audiences, ages 8 - 100