8 Bulletin Board Kit Package - My Plate Bulletin Board Kit

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Product Description

8 Bulletin Board Kit Package

Here are all 8 MyPlate Bulletin Board kits with a savings of 10% and a bonus gift of one MyPlate Holiday Poster so you can add a MyPlate holiday theme during the holidays

Engage and teach with all 8 bulletin boards that are all about MyPlate:

  1. MyPlate Kids
  2. MyPlate Adults
  3. MyPlate Quiz
  4. Calcium
  5. Protein
  6. Vegetables
  7. Fruit
  8. Whole Grains

    These are beautiful and a true work of art for your walls, bulletin boards, classrooms, offices, exam rooms and more. You receive 8 bulletin board sets plus the MyPlate Holiday Poster as a bonus set for the holidays!

    Put them in awe with beautiful, healthy food shots.

    Each bulletin board kit contains 7-10 pieces in all:

    • 2 piece title (36X6" total = 2 pieces that are 18X6 inches for one long title) that is printed on 100# glossy paper
    • Food group photos on 100# glossy paper with high resolution photo printing
    • Main poster for the center as shown in the picture
    • All posters and pieces are laminated so they present beautifully and stay looking sharp for years
    • Each bulletin board comes exactly as show in the photo


    • Focus on Fruits title
    • Photos of fruit servings including whole fruit, cut up fruit, smoothies, 100% juice
    • Photos of fruit dishes
    • Main 12X18 poster with MyPlate fruit message


    • Vary Your Veggies title
    • Photos of vegetable servings: mashed, raw, leavy, cut
    • Photos of beautiful veggie dishes
    • Main 12X18 poster with MyPlate's vegetable message


    • Get Your Calcium Rich Foods title
    • Photos of calcium-rich foods
    • Photo of yogurt dish
    • Main 12X18 poster with MyPlate's calcium message


    • Make Half Your Grains Whole title
    • Photos of whole grain foods in their proper serving sizes
    • Photo of grain group
    • Main 18X24 grain poster


    • Go Lean With Protein title
    • Photos of protein foods in their serving sizes
    • Photo of various foods in a one serving size portion
    • Photo of lean protein meal
    • 12X18 Keep Protein Lean MyPlate message poster

    3 MyPlate bulletin boards:

    • Make Your Plate Healthy title
    • Photos of food groups
    • Center poster that is 18X24
    • Photos of vegetables and a real MyPlate plate that is colorful and delicious and made by a chef

    These bulletin boards will be absolutely stunning and they are very simple to use and to understand. A photo speaks a thousand words.

    These bulletin boards are great for offices, classrooms, cafeterias and anywhere you want to promote better health by eating a healthy plate and a balanced diet. Designed for 4'X3' bulletin board but you can also fit on many other sizes.This set is great so you can rotate the boards during the year or you can put them up in multiple rooms.

    We can create any subject so if you need something we don't have, just ask!

    This poster comes with a free handout download PDF shown in the images above.