Free Printable Nutrition Education Poster - Download and Print Yourself

Are you without a budget for nutrition education materials? Food and Health Communications receives multiple requests each week for truly life-changing charity events that are too numerous to list. We would love to give all of our charitable followers a free poster but we don't have the budget to mail them all! So we created a free poster you can download. You will be subscribed to our free weekly handout list and updates. Use the form below:




Use this form to request a free nutrition poster that is a printable My Plate Poster that you can download and print using the licensing guidelines. The size is 11"x14". You can easily print from a photo center or copy place. The poster is in color and is very attractive with ideas for each food group:


When you sign up to receive this poster you will receive it in PDF form that you can download right from this website. You will also be signed up for email updates to the poster and for our weekly emails with free handouts. We do not share your email address and you can unsubscribe at any time. Join thousands of health professionals who follow us weekly for valuable handouts and great teaching ideas!



“Thank you so much for the offer of the free posters for meetings, etc. It was a wonderful addition to our conference and I just wanted to let you know that.”

—Judi Olson, Food Service Director, Conference Chair, SNAI, Harlan Community School District, Harlan, IA