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It is easy to use our material in your blog, website, intranet, handouts, presentations or other materials you create.

Simply use any of these copyright badges, along with a link back to, to ensure proper credit and permission whenever you use any free material from this site on the internet (not necessary for social media sharing). Use of any materials on this site means you agree to comply with the terms below.


Copy one of the images above and link back to this site. Or copy and paste the following code into the html field:

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If you are unable to post one of these badges to your site with our material you must still include the statement, “Copyright, reprinted with permission” and you must link to this site.

Food and Health Communications Premium Members do not have to use the badge or provide a link but they should indicate, “Copyright, reprinted with permission”

Anyone who purchases supplies can use the Proud Purchaser link. This helps support and promote our store, which is not aided by outside advertising. It shows you are a passionate and responsible educator who supports evidence-based resources.