Blood Pressure Tearpad

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Product Description

Blood Pressure Tearpad

High blood pressure and stroke are the number one reason patients are admitted to longterm care. This is entirely preventable with diet and lifestyle changes but most consumers are unaware of these easy changes that can have a profound impact on their life. Our tearpad makes it easy to understand the blood pressure numbers and learn how to keep them in check by reducing sodium and adopting a DASH-style diet to lower hypertension and high blood pressure.

Use the Blood Pressure Color Handout Tearpad - each tearpad is 50 sheets - full color on the front and back.

Updated with new 2017 blood pressure categories from the AHA/ACC.

Front side: Blood Pressure chart with color-coded categories.

  • Record your patient's blood pressure.
  • See the blood pressure categories and understand the numbers.
  • Now they can monitor their own blood pressure with ease.
  • Understand the health risks associated with high blood pressure and hypertension.

Back side: 5 Steps to Lower Blood Pressure 

Stats show that almost EVERYONE has to be concerned about blood pressure at some point with over half the population being mandated to 1500 mg of sodium per day right now. Blood pressure is one number that healthy eating and lifestyle can lower.

  • Lower the sodium in your diet
  • DASH eating plan
  • Get enough exercise and get to a healthy weight
  • Moderate drinking
  • Quit smoking
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