Healthy Shopping on a Budget PowerPoint and Handouts - DOWNLOAD

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Product Description

Healthy Shopping on a Budget PowerPoint and Handouts


Learning objectives & benefits:

This wonderful 40+ slide powerpoint show and 12 handout set, with speaker's notes and leader-activity guide, will help everyone learn which foods in each MyPlate food group save them the most money = the healthiest foods that are the least processed!

Skip expensive refined foods that are laden with salt, fat, trans fat, saturated fat, sugar and cholesterol and fill up on more good for you foods! Now you have ammunition that shows healthy whole foods are less expensive! And you can teach everyone how to grocery shop on a budget - everyone's favorite topic these days!

Amazing charts show every category and which foods are the least expensive for vegetables, fruits, protein, grains and dairy. Everyone will instantly know how to plan their meals and shopping list. Plus there is more:

  • Best deals for each food group

  • Beware these are more expensive foods

  • Planning saves money and reduces waste

  • Useful shopping and budget tips

  • Best meal ideas

  • Savings add up

  • 5 best tips from pros PLUS action plan

  • Handouts include:

    • PDF file with 12 copy-ready handouts and leader-activity guide with Healthy Shopping on a Budget Handouts, Updated Healthier Food Choices Save Dough chart comparing all categories of foods and showing best prices and worst prices for each group, Healthy Shopping List and more

    • Best Quick Meals on a budget - our best recipes since day one of publication that are inexpensive and easy to make


  • Number of slides: Over 40

  • Number of handout pages with leader guide: 60+

  • Target audience: Ages 12 - 100

  • Approximate length of show: 30 - 40 minutes

  • Get an immediate digital download right now plus lifetime updates to the digital file.