6 Grocery Shopping PowerPoint Tour Guides CD

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6 Grocery Shopping PowerPoint Tour Guides CD

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This Kit combines our four best-selling shopping lessons.

MyPlate Interactive Shipping Tour PPT:

This interactive shopping tour lesson will allow everyone to compare many food choices in each MyPlate food group using the Nutrition Facts label and Fooducate, a smart phone app that scans foods and evaluates them based on their nutrient content and other factors. You will stand apart with this show with its up-to-date lessons and expert analysis for grocery shopping. Your audience will love the interactivity and they will learn the most important shopping and label reading lessons.

Participants will be working on many activities throughout the show. They will learn that the least processed foods of each group usually grade higher. They will learn that the Nutrition Facts label is the gold standard that should always be referenced for calories and sodium with examples given that drive this lesson home. And they will learn to balance their shopping cart with MyPlate and to make better choices in each group.

Shopping Smart for Diabetes PPT:

This Shopping Smart for Diabetes PowerPoint and Shopping Tour will help patients with type 2 diabetes navigate their way through the grocery store so they can better manage their disease. Leader guide includes aisle by aisle product recommendations, simple cooking ideas, activities and health-promoting tips.

Shopping Smart for the Heart PPT:

Shopping smart for the heart is easy when you follow a few simple rules. Take your clients on a tour of the grocery store or walk through these techniques right in your classroom or office. Here are the central questions that this presentation answers:

  • How do you read a food label for heart health?
  • What do you need to remember in the meat and deli aisles?
  • How do you select the best dairy items?
  • Which foods are the highest in sodium?
  • Where should you begin when you shop?
  • What are the best options in the freezer?
  • What should you look for in a breakfast cereal?
  • How do you choose the right margarine?
  • Are there concerns in the pharmacy aisle? Which foods can interfere with my medications?
  • What are the sick day rules for heart patients?

Shopping Smart for Weight Loss PPT:

This Shopping Smart for Weight Loss PowerPoint, Shopping Tour Program and Handouts lesson plan teaches individuals how to choose lower calorie foods in the grocery store. It can be used in a classroom, for individual counseling or in a grocery store tour. Take them on a tour of the grocery store in the PowerPoint show and explain what they should consider in every aisle. Tour tips, product example and comparison idea and more help illustrate your point so they see and learn.

Healthy Shopping On a Budget PPT:

Healthier food choices do save dough! Often you hear that healthier foods are more expensive - but our category by category comparison shows that the more processed foods are, the more costly they are by unit price. This is a way to give more than a healthy shopping list to your clients!

Shopping Light PPT:

The Shopping Light program helps consumers lighten their shopping carts with strategic tips to become more aware of calories and calorie density. They will learn valuable tips for each aisle.

Valuable bonuses:

  • All PowerPoint Shows come with free handout downloads.
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  • Number of PowerPoint shows: 6
  • BONUS: folder with all images and nutrition facts clipart images included: 59 images total
  • Each show includes free handouts
  • Target audience: Ages 15 - 100
  • Approximate length of each PowerPoint show: 30 - 40 minutes; with activities 50 -60 minutes.
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