Healthy Bucket List Poster 18" x 24" Health Poster - Laminated

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Product Description

Everyone always talks about bucket lists. So it makes sense to help everyone add "healthy habits" to their bucket list!

The Healthy Bucket List Poster is designed to help folks develop goals to build a healthy bucket list using simple ideas that have a big impact over time. They can pick one or two or three or all.

PLUS you can use these ideas for weekly classes or for one class that helps people understand what to do to improve their diet and lifestyle habits.

Here are the 12 healthy bucket list ideas:

  1. Learn to read food labels
  2. Make a healthy plate with MyPlate
  3. Cook 5 healthy dinners a week
  4. Choose whole grains
  5. Make a salad
  6. Eat fruit for snacks
  7. Choose heart-healthy protein
  8. Exercise 3-5 times per week
  9. Drink water or sugar-free drinks
  10. Eat a healthy breakfast
  11. Eat enough fiber
  12. Keep sodium levels healthy

These ideas support the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate. 

Start your healthy bucket list program now and display this beautiful poster with a warm eye-catching color palette that is modern and inviting!


18" x 24" Laminated


8-100 age group