Dangers of Vap-ing Poster 18" x 24" Health Poster - Laminated

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Product Description

Teens are trying new va-ping at an increasing and alarming rate. The use is increasing according to one study by researchers at the University of Michigan. There are dangerous health effects like lung damage, addiction to nicotine, stomach issues, long-term brain harm, and many others. Toxins are often life threatening.

This poster seeks to help youth understand that va-ping is just as dangerous or worse than smok-ing. It uses warning colors that grab attention and the messages of harmful health effects are clear and easy to see. 

Marketing claims, good flavors, and social pressures might all work together to coerce teens into thinking that vap-ing is a cool thing to do. But this poster seeks to show the other side of this harmful habit. 

Use this poster in classrooms, health fairs, and school campaigns. Many dietitians and teachers have to take a whole approach to health. While it is great to eat more fruits and vegetables, have a breakfast in the classroom, and move more, teens need to be aware of the dangers, too.

The message is also good for adults and people in employee health programs, 


18x24" Laminated