Mediterranean Diet Class With PowerPoint, Handouts, Leader Guide - DOWNLOAD

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Product Description

Mediterranean Diet Class With PowerPoint, Handouts, Leader Guide - Download now

The Mediterranean Diet Class with 100+ Slide PowerPoint Show and PDF Handout Set is just what health educators, dietitians, and teachers need to teach why and how to follow a Mediterranean diet for better health. Now there is a resource for everyone, which highlights a delicious plant-based diet that is built on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, olive oil, and herbs, along with seafood, lean protein, and flavorful dairy products. Everyone can choose from favorite dishes in this region to satisfy every palate. The Mediterranean diet offers a delicious way to use a plant-based diet to help lower the risk for chronic diseases. This show takes a very practical and comprehensive approach.

Numerous studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet lowers the risk for chronic diseases. Inhabitants of this region have lower risks for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity as part of a traditional healthful diet and lifestyle. This show highlights all that and more! Here's the outline for the key questions the presentation raises and answers...

  • What is the Mediterranean Diet?
  • Why do you want to follow it?
  • Which foods are used?
  • What are common dishes that everyone can make at home?
  • Which strategies are helpful to take advantage of the delicious, healthful ingredients found in this region?

Learning Objectives and Benefits

With this class, your audience will…

  • Learn about the Mediterranean region of the world and the more common countries that prepare food that is palatable to Americans and Westernized country inhabitants.
  • Understand the findings of studies that support this healthful eating plan.
  • Learn about the plant-based, ultra-flavorful ingredients that overlap between many of the countries.
  • Discover the most popular dishes from 5 of the countries in this region.
  • Learn simple substitutions for converting a typical American diet to a Mediterranean-style approach.
  • Learn where to go for more recipes and information.
  • Follow a link to a free database of Mediterranean recipes. 

 Groundbreaking Strategies to Engage Your Audience

  • Information is presented in a variety of ways in order to appeal to the broadest range of learning styles.
  • Clear bullet points, infographics, and gorgeous food photos provide useful, engaging information throughout the whole show.
  • Creative and clever elements of both art and phrasing make the lessons engaging and easy to remember.
  • The messages in this PowerPoint and matching handouts are positive and easy to understand.
  • The photos are very inspiring.

 The Latest Scientific Research, Presented with Integrity

  • There are no sneaky plugs for specialty products or big brands because this company and its education materials is not supported by industry advertising.
  • Tips are given to purchase lower-sodium versions of olives for persons who need to watch sodium intake. Tips are also given to use olive oil sparingly for people who have to watch their calories.
  • Since it is a PowerPoint show you can make changes to include your own advice and preferences for your audience.
  • Unbiased, evidence-based information is always at the heart of these materials because we do not accept advertising or bow to pressure from outside interests.
  • All materials are based on the latest scientific evidence, as supported by peer-reviewed studies. The research and citations in this show were provided by a team of dietitians and researchers, including Lynn Greiger, RDN, CDE, CPT, CWC, James J. Kenney, PhD, FACN, Elovia Peddle, RD, LD, CDE, and Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, LDN.

What You Receive:

  • One download zip file that is sent to your email inbox the moment you pay for the item. This zip file includes: 
  • 1 PowerPoint show with over 100 slides and speaker's notes. It's turnkey!

    --You would have to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase the foods for this show, plus it would take weeks to research, prepare, and take pictures of all of the foods and prepared dishes.

    --We did the work for you!
    --The scientific research and food and recipe research and development have taken years.
    --All dishes are developed and prepared by a professional chef for American kitchens and a healthful outcome.
    --The PowerPoint show is meant to be a multi-media learning experience.
    --Participants see beautiful shots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, lean protein, and calcium-rich dairy products. They learn about the dishes that are popular in this region.
    --This is a professional, engaging presentation that spotlights you as the expert and makes you look very sharp in front of your audience.
  •  A Handout Set in a PDF file that contains all of the recipes, succinct fact sheets about the research, how-to guides and a shopping list. Over 10 pages in all!

Use this Program for a Variety of Audiences, Including:

  • Yourself
  • Counseling private clients
  • Culinary and dietetic students
  • Middle school and high school family and consumer science or foodservice classes
  • General consumer audiences who are motivated to learn about a healthful diet based on delicious ingredients from the Mediterranean region
  • In-service education programs
  • Group support classes for diabetes, heart disease, and weight loss
  • Employee health and wellness programs
  • Corporate wellness
  • Ambitious consumers who want a dynamic and stunning presentation
  • Adults and seniors who want a great health or nutrition presentation
  • Cooking demos
  • Supermarket tours with a Mediterranean theme
  • Health fairs and displays


  • Target Population: General Audiences, Ages 13 and Older
  • Total Number of Slides with Speaker’s Notes: 100+
    • Number of Photos in the Slides: 100+
    • Number of Infographics in the Slides: 15+
    • Number of Videos embedded in show: 1 (bouillabaisse broth cooking)
  • Number of Handouts With Recipes: 22
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