Trading Cards - Prizes and Incentives for Nutrition - Set of 50 With 10 Different Designs

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Product Description

Trading Cards - Prizes and Incentives for Nutrition - Set of 50 With 10 Different Designs

These 2.5-inch by 3.5-inch cards make great rewards and prizes! The cards feature our most popular graphics along with a fun motivational message on the back.

Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, oh my! This set of trading cards features 10 sets of 5 cards, which makes it a perfect match for nutrition education games. Each card is bright and colorful, offering key health messages and words of encouragement. The cards also feature fun facts about healthful foods and lifestyles.

10 Different Cards:

  1. Are you Plant Powered
  2. Freedom from Chronic Disease
  3. Fruits Make You Beautiful Inside and Out
  4. MyPlate Helps You Eat A Balanced, Nutritious Diet
  5. Eat to Excel
  6. Enjoy Your Greens Every Day
  7. Make Your Salad A Rainbow
  8. Go for the Whole Grain
  9. Enjoy Enough Calcium Each Day
  10. Go Lean with Protein

Try any of the following games with these fantastic trading cards…

  • Topic of the week: allow everyone to pick a card. They should focus on its message for the week. Have them pair up into groups with like cards and share what they did at the end of the week. Each group gets to vote on the best use of their card and the winners gets featured on the bulletin board plus they get a free lunch or other prize.
  • Get caught. Get caught doing any of the messages on the cards and get a trading card. Drinking milk? Eating salad? Enjoying fruit? Win a card!
  • Put the cards in a box and pass it around the room. Allow everyone to pick a card. Place each person in a group with like cards so you have 10 groups. These partners can sit together at lunch and focus on the message of their card for a week. 
  • Or try to collect all of a particular card.
  • Speedy Speakers: Players are divided into two teams. A single member of one team holds up one of the 5 cards and the other team has to shout out as many ways to follow the advice on the card as they can. They get one point for each correct answer. Then the team that had to answer the first question holds up a card of their own, and the other team has to brainstorm the same thing: ways to follow that card's advice. The team with the most points wins.